Facial Skin Surgeries

Home care of skin surgeries is very important to the final cosmetic outcome of the surgery. The site must be kept clean and moist with any antibiotic ointment. Since the site will ooze for the first few days, all crust and scab must be removed gently several times each day until no more crust or scab forms. Remember, no crust, no scab.

If a biopsy specimen was sent in can take 7-10 days to return. Hopefully, the results will be here by the time you return for your follow-up. The sutures are removed at 5-7 days, in most cases. The removal of the sutures causes very little discomfort.

Every individual heals in their own way, occasionally a revision to a scar from a prior surgery is desirable. Scars, and the occasional need to revise these scars are always part of facial skin surgery. Our goal is to minimize the residual signs of facial skin surgery.